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About GST

Services for multi-way logistics are the topic that moves GST Worldwide Logistics GmbH since 1998.

After having started with a web-based administrative reusable packaging management concept as an independent full-service package that can be integrated into any supply chain the range of services rapidly expanded.

This was followed by the first international rental container pool with small and large carriers for traffic between Europe, the US and Mexico as well as the opening of the container cleaning service center in the Hamburg metropolitan region at the present day headquarters in Reinbek.

Our claim is to promote and secure an optimum multi-use cycle. Thus we can help our customers to ensure that circulating reusable packaging is used in the most economical way and as environmentally friendly as possible.

Today we manage pools with millions of annual cycles and look forward to your challenge.

Industrial parts cleaning

Industrial parts cleaning and corrosion protection for precious metals

At the latest when the function of a workpiece or a component is in danger due to aggressive contamination or rust, it is time for a professional industrial parts cleaning -it is easy to avoid expensive damage. We not only clean your workpieces when necessary but also protect them against rust through passive corrosion even before they are created.

Chemical rust removal in the plunge pool-with complex rust infestation

If the rust already adheres to the workpiece or component, often only a chemical rust removal helps. Compared to manual cleaning of the material, heavy rust can be completely removed even in complicated areas - thanks to our high-quality cleaning fluid, an extremely effective and at the same time gentle surface cleaning.

Industrial parts Cleaning by spray cleaning-a clean business

You have to break an egg to make an omelette - but the workpiece should be free of any contaminations. That is why we clean your components from the metal industry or other industries of stubborn dust, oils, greases and other dirt. The aqueous cleaner used during spray cleaning ensures gentle and environmentally friendly cleaning and, if necessary, thorough preparation for temporary corrosion protection.

Passivation-Passive Corrosion protection for metal

To avoid rust, we equip your materials with a passive corrosion protection. The gentle coating effectively prevents corrosion-so that the material remains temporarily stainless during transport until it is used.

Flexible application for your needs

We adapt to your workpiece! Individual composition adapted cleaning procedures or on request, special methods like the VCI corrosion protection-we offer you the industrial parts cleaning that you really need. Contact us now!

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KLT cleaning

A one-of-a-kind cleaning of containers and small load carriers - GST Multibox

Dirty containers are not only unpresentable but also bad for business. They cannot be used and are also short-lived. Regular, professional small load carrier cleaning is therefore essential. With GST Multibox, the cleaning process becomes flexible and adapts to your needs.

Container cleaning - Removal of oil, dust and the like.

Using advanced technology, we can spruce up all types of containers. Our machines are capable of removing even the most ingrained dirt and remains from packaging, including dust, oil, grease and labels. This way, you can reuse the containers as if they were new.

We clean:

  • small load carriers (SLC)
  • lids
  • trays (blister, Inlays)
  • boxes
  • baskets
  • pallets
  • pallet cover
  • and others

Small container cleaning and deep cleaning solutions - we know all the tricks

Our container washing system lets your boxes shine bright and beautiful again. Upon request, we can work with fine filters to remove even the smallest particles without leaving any residue.

In particularly severe cases, we apply our deep cleaning package: we manually remove labels and residues.

A quick overview of our services - sheer flexibility

With our flexible offers, you have the possibility to put together an individual package of our services. Our focus is, of course, to provide a state-of-the-art conveyor belt washing systems - but we do not stop there. Upon your request, we can sort, store and transport the containers to fit your exact specifications. If your containers are not only dirty but also damaged, our team will take care of the repair. We are also happy to take over further logistical services such as order picking, packing, banding and film wrapping.

  • sorting
  • machined cleaning (on request with mμ fine filter)
  • intensive manual cleaning
  • warehousing
  • order picking
  • assembly
  • repair
  • transport
  • banding and film wrapping

Contact us now and bring your dirty containers back to life!

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