When using your own or rented returnable
boxes, handling foreign boxes or participating in the open exchange pool, you need a well-organised container management.
The effort managing this task varies and depends on the function a company is involved in the packaging cycle.
The resources devoted to inventory management
have to meet the complexity of the stocks and movements to make possible a sustainable control and management.
A lack of control quickly leads to undesirable
developments,that may have a negative impact on a multi-path system in economic and environmental terms.
As a result, there is more equipment in circulation than necessary. It may result in higher transport costs and administrative expenses than calculated. More empties transports lead to a poorer CO² balance or larger losses of containers.
Whether local stocks management or a cross-process
and enterprise-wide full service package, GST Multibox offers the right solution.
The GST Multibox concept enables a cost-effective, efficient container and pallet management. Our customers benefit from an attractive price / performance ratio.